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Instruments / High Performance Iiquid Chromatography

Introduction : High performance liquid phase chromatography (HPLC) is an indispensable part of the core facility. In addition to drug analysis and enzyme separations, this equipment will serve the needs of those with interst in ecology and the physiological research by analyzing samples from the living specimen and metabolite collections with the least preliminary preparation. Using high speed sampling and multi-sample preparation, the complete design of the equipment will make the research work efficient and data analysis convenient. While encouraging research by coordinating groups of ecology, cell and the molecular biology and physiology, acquisition of HPLC helps in advancing the task.



1 . 本儀器開放預約時間為使用前二週。

2 . 本儀器技術人員輪值時段為星期一至星期五每日之1 4 : 0 0~1 6 0 0,初次使用者必須預約此時段。

3 . 使用者需自行準備樣品及移動溶媒 (HPLC )、相關清洗溶媒、樣品瓶等耗材。樣品與移動溶媒務必先以孔徑為0 . 4 5 μ m 0 . 2 2 μ m 之適當材質濾膜過濾處理才可上機。

4 . 使用後須自行清理廢棄溶劑及樣品,並應清潔儀器本體、所屬零附件、週邊設備及區域, 未依規定清理者取消當月之使用資格。


儀器保管實驗室 : 生命科學系李冠群老師實驗室(D309B)

聯絡人張湘茹Xiangenius@gmail.com , (02)7749-6353


下載  HPLC 預約申請單 填寫,填寫完成後寄回給聯絡人,並詳閱 高效能液相層析儀使用及管理要點 


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