Postgraduate Students / Graduate Program of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

 Graduate Program of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries

This Program will be cultivate the pharmaceutical industry, Medical equipment industry, Applied biotechnology industry and related industries this professional manager student. After graduate, Students can find about biotechnology pharmaceutical and intellectual property management job in hospital, government department or biotechnology pharmaceutical company.

Educational objectives

1.Cultivate cross-disciplinary professionals such as development of biotechnology , pharmaceutical industry and intellectual property management and application of relevant international standards.

2. Establish an industry-university interaction and cooperation mechanism and platform; and guide high-quality talents into the biomedical industry.

  Core competence

1. Have the ability to explore biotechnology and medical expertise.

2. Can use relevant technology, sophisticated instrument operation, intellectual property management and international standard specifications to have innovative research and development, industrial application problem solving, and cross-domain integration capabilities.

3. Ability to analyze, summarize, communicate, and publish research results based on experimental results.

4. Have the right scientific attitude and abide by scientific ethics.

course map :

Course Structure for M.A. Program Graduate Program of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries
Adaptive to Class of
Required Credit(s)
Elective Credit(s)
Free Elective Credit(s)
Minimum Total Credits for Graduation
108 12 4-12 0-8 24 2019  Fall

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