Seminar paper
Paper title (chapter)Innovating science curriculum materials for future citizenship— AIMS for 3C.
Name of conferencePaper presented at CCMS Knowledge Sharing Institute 2007
Conference starting time2007-00-00
Conference closing time2007-00-00
Year of publication2007
Name of author (Chinese)Yeong-Jing Cheng
Name of author (English)Yeong-Jing Cheng
AuthorsJen, T.H., Lee, C.D., Lin, S.F., Chang, W.H., Cheng, Y.J., Hsu, Y.S., Chang, C.Y., She, H.C., Yang, W.G.., Hsiung, T.H., Chin, C.C., & Chang, H.P.
LocationWashington DC
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