Journal paper
Paper title (chapter)Altered expression of HSPA5, HSPA8 and PARK7 in spinocerebellar ataxia type 17 identified by 2-dimensional fluorescence difference in gel electrophoresis.
Name of journalClin Chim Acta
Date of publication2002-00-00
number of chapters12
Issue No.3
Total number of pages12
Name of author (Chinese)Wen-Hua Chang
Name of author (English)Wen-Hua Chang
AuthorsLee, L.C., Chen, C.M., Chen, F.L., Lin, P.Y., Hsiao, Y.C., Wang, P.R., Su, M.T., Hsieh-Li, H.M., Hwang, J.C., Wu, C.H., Lee, G.C., Singh, S., Lin, Y., Hsieh, S.Y., Lee-Chen, G.J. and Lin, J.Y
Number of authors3
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