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    2019Lee CY, Pike DA, Tseng HY, Hsu JY, Huang SL, Shaner PJL, Liao CP, Manicam A, Huang WS. ,2019,When males live longer: Resource-driven territorial behavior drives sex-specific survival in snakes,Science Advances,5,4,ppeaar5478- (SCI)Pei-Jen Lee Shaner
    20192019, (SCI)Tung-Sheng Chen
    2019Tung-Sheng Chen, Da-Tong Ju, Cecilia-Hsuan Day, Yu-Lan Yeh, Ray-Jade Chen, Vijaya PadmaViswanadha, Ruey-Lin Chang, Yuan-Chuan Lin, Chun-Hsu Yao and Chih-Yang Huang,2019,Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, (SCI)Tung-Sheng Chen
    20192019, (SCI)Tung-Sheng Chen
    20192019,11,3,pp986-1007 (SCI)Guey-Jen Lee-Chen
    20192019,47,1,pp63-95 (SCI)Guey-Jen Lee-Chen
    20192019,67,2,pp737-756 (SCI)Guey-Jen Lee-Chen
    20192019,236,2,pp763-773 (SCI)Guey-Jen Lee-Chen
    20192019, (SCI)Guey-Jen Lee-Chen
    2019Chiu, YJ, Hsieh YH, Lin TH, Lee GC, Hsieh-Li HM, Sun YC, Chen CM, Chang KH*, Lee-Chen GJ *,2019,Novel compound VB-037 inhibits Aβ aggregation and promotes neurite outgrowth through enhancement of HSP27 and reduction of P38 and JNK-mediated inflammation in cell models for Alzheimer's disease,Neurochemistry International,125,pp175-186 (SCI)Guan-Chiun Lee
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