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    1994Palopoli, M., P. Doshi and C.-I Wu. 1994 Characterization of two Segregation distorter revertants: Evidence that the tandem duplication is necessary for the SD phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 136: 209-215.,Chung-I Wu
    1993Sun CW and Callis J ,1993,Recent stable insertion of mitochondrial DNA into an Arabidopsis polyubiquitin gene by nonhomologous recombination.,The Plant Cell,5,pp97-107 (SCI)Chih-Wen Sun
    1993李琦玫,1993,Sordaria fimicola 細胞外澱粉及蛋白的誘導與探討,國立台灣師範大學生物研究所碩士論文, (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    1993Wu, C-I, Daniel E. Perez, Andrew W. Davis, Norman A. Johnson, Eric. L. Cabot, Michael F. Palopoli and M.-L. Wu. 1993. Molecular genetics of reproductive isolation in Drosophila. In: “Mechanisms of Molecular Evolution” by N. Takahata and A. G. clark (ed.), Sinauer Press.,Chung-I Wu
    1993Wu, C-I. and A. W. Davis. 1993. Evolution of postmating reproductive isolation: The composite nature of Haldane’s rule and its genetic bases. Amer. Natur. 142:187-212.,Chung-I Wu
    1993Johnson, N. A. and C.-I Wu. 1993. Evolution of postmating reproductive isolation: measuring the pleiotropic fitness effects associated with hybrid male sterility factors. Amer. Natur. 142:213-223.,Chung-I Wu
    1993erez, D. E., C.-I Wu, N. A. Johnson and M.-L. Wu. 1993. Genetics of reproductive isolation in the Drosophila simulans clade: DNA marker-assisted mapping and characterization of a hybrid-male sterility gene, Odysseus (Ods). Genetics 134:261-275.,Chung-I Wu
    1993Johnson, N. J., H. Hollocher, E. Noonberg and C.-I Wu. 1993. The effects of iterspecific Y chromosome replacements on hybrid sterility within the Drosophila simulans clade: A comprehensive study. Genetics 135: 443-453.,Chung-I Wu
    1993Cabot, E. L., P. Doshi, M.-L. Wu and C.-I Wu. 1993. Population genetics of tandem repeats in centromeric heterochromatin: unequal crossing over and interchromosomal divergence at the Responder locus. Genetics 135: 477-487.,Chung-I Wu
    1992Johnson, N. A. and C-I Wu. 1992. An empirical test of the meiotic drive models of hybrid sterility: Sex-ratio data from hybrids between Drosophila simulans and D. sechellia. Genetics 130:507-511.,Chung-I Wu
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