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    1988Wu, C.-I, T. W. Lyttle, M.-L. Wu and G. Lin. 1988. Association between a satellite DNA sequence and the Responder of Segregation Distorter in D. melanogaster. Cell 54:179-189.,Chung-I Wu
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    1987Li, M. L., J. Aggeler., D. A. Farson., C. Hatier., J. Hassell. and M. J. Bissell ,1987,Influence of a reconstituted basement membrane and its components on casein gene expression and secretion in mouse mammary epithelial cells. Proc.,Natl. Acad.,84,pp136-140 (SCI)Ming-Liang Li
    1987Li, W.H. and C.-I Wu. 1987. Rates of nucleotide substitution are evidently higher in rodents than in man. Mol. Biol. Evol. 4(1):74-77.,Chung-I Wu
    1987Wu, C.-I and N. Maeda 1987. Inequality in mutation rates of the two strands of DNA. Nature 327:169-170.,Chung-I Wu
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    1986Wu, C.-I, W.H. Li, J.J. Shen, R.C. Scarpulla, K.J. Limbach and R. Wu 1986. Evolution of cytochrome c genes and pseudogenes. J. Mol. Evol. 23(1):61-75.,Chung-I Wu
    1985Bissell, M. J., E. Y. Lee., M. L. Li., L. H. Chen. and G. Hall. ,1985,Role of extracellular matrix and hormones on tissue-specific functions in culture: Mammary gland as a model for endocrine sensitive tissues. The Second NIADDK Symposium on the Study of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. , U. S Govt. Printing Office., (OTHER)Ming-Liang Li
    1985Wu, C.-I 1985. A stochastic simulation study on speciation by sexual selection. Evolution 39:66-82.,Chung-I Wu
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