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    1996Chen, S. H.,1996,Two newly recorded spiders of the genera Tetragnatha and Leucauge (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) in Taiwan.,Biol. Bull., NTNU.,31,2,pp113-118 (OTHER)Shyh-Hwang Chen
    1996李星黎, 李琦玫, 林金盾,1996,不同感覺輸入對蟑螂逃亡行為的影響,師大生物學報,31,pp55-63 (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    19961996,11,4,pp393-400 (EI)Teng-Chiu Lin
    19961996,27,2,pp98-105 (OTHER)Teng-Chiu Lin
    1995Callis J, Carpenter T, Sun CW and Vierstra R,1995,Structure and evolution of genes encoding polyubiquitin and ubiquitin-like proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia.,Genetics,139,pp921-939 (SCI)Chih-Wen Sun
    1995蔡在壽, 李琦玫, 林金盾, 吳京一,1995,八星虎甲蟲複眼之研究,中華昆蟲,15,pp203-213 (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    1995張永達, 張路西, 黃生, 黃基礎, 李琦玫,1995,生物科實驗活體材料之採集、培養及藻類標本製作,中等教育,46,pp3-10 (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    1995李琦玫, 童武夫,1995,碳源對澱粉釋出的誘導,師大生物學報,30,pp97-105 (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    1995Lin, Si-Min*, Po-Jen Chiang, and Chung-Yi Lin,1995,An investigation on migratory raptors in Hsinchu,Wild Birds,4,pp55-67 (OTHER)Si-Min Lin
    1994Palopoli, M., P. Doshi and C.-I Wu. 1994 Characterization of two Segregation distorter revertants: Evidence that the tandem duplication is necessary for the SD phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics 136: 209-215.,Chung-I Wu
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