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    1998Lee, C. M., J. T. Lin and J. C. Hwang,1998,Pharmacological properties of ACh receptors on the heart of the marine bivalve Meretrix lusoria.,Chinese J. Physiol.,41,pp1-6 (OTHER)Chi-Mei Lee
    1998Liu FC, Wu GC, Hsieh ST, Lai HL, Wang HF, Wang TW and Chern Y,1998,Expression of type VI adenylyl cyclase in the central nervous system: implication for a potential regulator of multiple signals in different neurotransmitter systems.,FEBS Letters,436,pp92-98 (SCI)Tsu-Wei Wang
    19981998,30,2,pp238-250 (SCI)Teng-Chiu Lin
    19971998,30,2,pp203-215 (OTHER)Teng-Chiu Lin
    1997Petersen, J. E., C.-C. Chen and W. M. Kemp,1997,Scaling aquatic primary productivity: experiments under nutrient- and light-limited conditions.(IF: 4.411; Ecology: 16/127 = 12.6 %),Ecology,78,8,pp2326-2338 (SCI)Chung-Chi Chen
    1997Chen, C.-C., J. E. Petersen and W. M. Kemp,1997,Spatial and temporal scaling of periphyton wall growth in aquatic mesocosms.(IF: 2.519; Marine and freshwater biology: 11/88 = 12.5 %),Marine Ecology Progress Series ,155,pp1-15 (SCI)Chung-Chi Chen
    1997Sun CW, Griffen S and Callis J,1997,Structure differences of polyubiquitin genes in different Arabidopsis ecotypes.,Plant Molecular Biology,34,pp745-758 (SCI)Chih-Wen Sun
    1997Sun CW and Callis J,1997,Independent modulation of Arabiodopsis thaliana polyubiquitin genes mRNA levels under different developmental and environmental conditions. ,The Plant Journal,11,pp1017-1027 (SCI)Chih-Wen Sun
    19971997,26,pp172-180 (SCI)Teng-Chiu Lin
    1997Chien, C. Y. and B. C. Hwang.,1997,First record of the occurrence of Sporodiniella umbellata (Mucorales) in Taiwan ,Mycoscience. ,38,pp343-346 (OTHER)Bi-Chi Hwang
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