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    2020Chao, Chien-Ti*, Bing-Hong Huang, Jui-Tse Chang, Pei-Chun Liao.,2020,Taxonomic notes on Scutellaria taipeiensis (Lamiaceae) from morphological and molecular data,PhytoKeys,(Accepted), (SCI)Pei-Chun Liao
    2020Yang, Yong-Zhi†, Run-Hong Gao†,*, Min-Xin Luo, Bing-Hong Huang, Pei-Chun Liao*,2020,Tissue-specific bioaccumulation of heavy metals in Ammopiptanthus mongolicus, the only evergreen shrub in the desert of Northwest China,Taiwania,(Accepted), (SCI)Pei-Chun Liao
    2020Tsai, Chi-Chu†, Pei-Chun Liao†, Ya-Zhu Ko†, Chih-Hsiung Chen, Yu-Chung Chiang*,2020,Phylogeny and Historical Biogeography of Paphiopedilum Pfitzer (Orchidaceae) based on nuclear and plastid DNA,Frontiers in Plant Science,(Accepted), (SCI)Pei-Chun Liao
    20202020,in press, (SCI)Li-Yih Lin
    2020pp94-101 (SCI)Chung-Hsin Wu
    2019Lin Y., Yang MT., Tran Nguyen Minh H., Yang WC.*,2019,Polyynes in Food. In: Xiao J., Sarker S., Asakawa Y. (Eds) Springer Publishing. Handbook of Dietary Phytochemicals 1-36 , (OTHER)Yenshou Lin
    2019Lin, C-Y., Y-H. Hsu, J-F. Wang, C-P. Lin*,2019,New damselfly hosts and species identification of an aquatic parasitoid Hydrophylita emporos (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) in Taiwan,Journal of Natural History ,53,35–36,pp2195-2205 (SCI)Chung-Ping Lin
    2019Lin*, C-P., M. Maruyama, J-F. Wang, P. E. Miller and C. S. Chaboo,2019,Treehoppers (Hemiptera: Aetalionidae and Membracidae) of the Madre de Dios region, Peru.,Revista Peruana de Biologia,26,4,pp429-442 (SCI)Chung-Ping Lin
    2019Tian, Cheng, Pei-Chun Liao, Yu-Yang Zhang, Zhengxiao Liu, Junqing Li*, Bing Yu, Qing Li, Buddhi Dayananda,2019,Impacts of livestock grazing, topography and vegetation on distribution of wildlife in Wanglang National Nature Reserve, China,Global Ecology and Conservation,20,ppe00726- (SCI)Pei-Chun Liao
    2019Wang, L-Y., M. Jafarpour, C-P. Lin, E. Appel, S. N. Gorb and H. Rajabi,2019,Endocuticle sclerotisation increases mechanical stability of cuticle.,Soft Matter,(accepted), (SCI)Chung-Ping Lin
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